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Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Tulsa area.

Originally settled by native Americans in the early 1800s, everything changed for Tulsa when oil was discovered there in the early 1900s. The traditions of wild west cowboys and rodeos have remained, as has the down home old time religion organizations with sufficient local funding now to maintain world broadcasting networks, but both exist in a wealthy metropolis that is "oil capital" of the nation, and can afford also to have first class opera, ballet, symphony, theatre and museums, such as the Thomas Gilcrease Institute, one of the better art museums in the country. The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum also is worth your time. Some criticize Tulsa for selling out, since the days when it was one of the towns along old Route 66 with its many local mom and pop businesses, and now makes its living off of the superhighways and national chains instead, but that could be said of most places in the country now that the Interstate Highway System is about finished. We have gained speed and efficiency, but have lost a character of local identity to a growing national homogeneity in the process, where one American town looks and feels much like the others. Tulsa, however, despite its local critics is one of the few towns that possibly has retained more of its local color than most cities. It is a city of bedrock American tradition, and the best in culture that money can buy, coexisting on common ground, where you can find anything that a larger town would have to offer, but also a level of friendliness, intimacy and innocent integrity that used be found everywhere in the America we left behind, but now fortunately still can be found in Tulsa.

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· Tulsa Airport · Greater Tulsa
Lodging located in the areas by or near the Tulsa International Airport (TUL). Lodging options in the metropolitan Tulsa area near shopping, museums, and the University of Tulsa.
· Surrounding Communities · Southern Kansas
Lodging in surrounding communities such as Muskogee, Broken Arrow and Claremore. Lodging options north of the state line, in the communities of southern Kansas including Coffeyville, Parsons, Independence, Pittsburg and others.

Area Facts: Oil was discovered in Tulsa in 1905. The Local area code for Tulsa is 918.

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